Friday, December 27, 2019

Rising Song Intensive: Harmony heaven

If memory serves me correctly, there were 630 people (my husband says 250) registered for the Rising Song Intensive, and of those, I'm guessing that at least 100 of us were singing harmony.  I don't think I've ever in my life been anywhere with that many harmony singers in one place at one time.  Even in the chapel, when maybe 30 people were davvening (praying), when we got to the end of Aleinu, we broke into four-part harmony.  I told my husband that this was one of the best vacations I've ever had.

I just spent an hour in a chat with Google trying to figure out how to get the few videos that I shot--I was too busy singing!--from my new-ish phone onto my computer--I'll try to post them when I'm awake.  I'll also try to write some more about Hadar's Rising Song Intensive, which was an amazing experience!

In the meantime, I hope this link to last night's concert with Joey Weisenberg and the Hadar Ensemble, four of whose regular members and one guest led, or taught at, the Intensive, will work.

Friday, Dec. 27, 2019 update:
I can see, when I go to the "write/edit" screen, that my video has been uploaded, but it simply refuses to appear in the published/visible post.  It occurs to me that I've had this problem in the past--back in the good old days when I still remembered my YouTube password, I used to upload my videos to YouTube and link to them in my posts.  For lack of a current alternative, I'm linking to the Facebook post where I uploaded this video last night--if you click here, you can listen to Basya Schechter leading her Maoz Tzur.  Enjoy!

See my next post, which is also about the Rising Song Intensive.

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